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WeGotGuru is an online platform for teaching and consulting. We intend to bring distinguished teachers and experts in the Music and other domains to the reach of interested students and clients anywhere, anytime. For the teachers/experts we provide an easy way of using the Internet to advertise their skills and post their demo classes and blogs. For students/clients we provide a choice of experts and a way to assess their suitability for their individual needs through reviews and blog posts and videos etc by the respective expert. Since Indian Music is our area of interest we chose to focus our initial attention to this domain. Today we have a range of Carnatic/Karnatic (South Indian) and Hindustani(North Indian) music teachers on our list. We also have Academic/Graphic Design/Animation tutors on our list of Online Gurus.


WeGotGuru was started in 2010 in Santa Clara in the Bay Area, California. We had talked to various music lovers from various cities like Cleveland, New Jersey, New York, Fremont, Los Angeles before we decided that this is an area that we would like to focus on. The dearth of Experts in various areas of music got us thinking about 'Online Learning' or 'Internet based classes'. We want to get valuable talent to be available at any part of the world at any time. We are also planning to introduce 'Recorded online classes' so that students could mix and match Live Online classes and recorded training.


Currently we welcome teachers and experts of any domain, to join our website and publish their expertise and creations on our website. We would love to see more experts on our platform for Music, Academics, Arts, Languages, Special Ed, Computers etc.



WeGotGuru already has a range of Indian music teachers (both Carnatic/Karnatic and Hindustani) who teach vocal music and a range of instruments like the Sitar, Sarod, Tabla, Mridangam, Violin, Flute, Piano, Veena, Guitar, Bansuri, Rudra Veena, Sarangi, Pakhwaj, etc. We also have teachers teaching Western music as well as Music recording and 'DJing' and related software. Read More



We also have teachers for Math, Science, English, Social studies etc within the Academic domain. We welcome teachers with experience in teaching various academic subjects for Elementary, Middle and High school students. Teachers are also welcome in related general areas like Languages, World History, Economics, Computers etc. We are also actively looking for Special Education teachers and therapists on our platform.



We are also working with experts in various areas of arts. Graphic design, animation, painting, handicrafts, photography are some of the areas we have teachers on today. We would like to engage with experienced teachers in Visual arts (painting, sketching, cartooning etc), Digital arts (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coraldraw, 3dsMax, Maya etc) and even the Performing arts (acting, dance etc) domain.

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