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Uploaded on Aug 30, 2011 Ustad Asad Ali Khan: Rudra Veena recital: Raga AsavariAccompanists:Pandit Dalchand Sharma on PakhawajSunil Kumar Goswami and Zaki Haidar on TanpuraThis is a single clip upload and the previous upload split in two parts has been deleted. Comments received on earlier deleted clips are as below:Comments for Part-1:@2:54 it starts. You're welcome fellow music appreciation students.TBV4050 1 day agoUSTAD SHAMSHUDDIN FARIDI PASSED AWAY ITS AGREAT LOSS OF MUSIC WORLD BOTH ARE GONEmaster1111fly 1 week agoUstad's death is an incalculable loss.phoenixsharma1 1 month agoblow to Rudraveena! We need to preserve this gharana.phoenixsharma1 1 month agowow, the sound is simply powerful!indrishmo 2 months agoAlas, what a loss...swarsur 2 months agoPerfectttttttttttttttt :) thank you very much :)valegorakhkalyan 9 months ago Comments from Part-2thanks for sharing this beautiful recordingtafaque 1 month agoIt is the sound of the Space, instrument from the Gods........ivisekerbik 1 month agoI was fortunate enough to listen to the Master at Johns Hopkins with the great Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma on the Pakhwaaj (Mrdang). Luckily the electricity failed and we were treated to the most ecstatic acoustic event of my life--great music without amplification. Just the sonorous accompaniment of the Tanpura and the superb and unmediated harmonics of the Rudra Veena and the majestic Mrdangam. I will never forget that experience. May the Divine safeguard this glorious tradition!dkmkartha 2 months agotreasurethx so muchDENSITAR 3 months agoMusic of cosmic proportions. What a rare treasure, thanks thanks!Athanor3d 3 months agoOne of the best recitals ever!jacektabisz 8 months agocouldn't possibly thank you enough for posting this video.Few musicians of this kind of depth are around today. I'm grateful that this will be preserved to document this true master. NadaVisions 8 months ago Category Music License Standard YouTube License


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