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Udukku kotti pattu was one among the popular arts of kerala. Yet, nowadays, its fame is getting faded away, and it has becom,e a rare sight to see someone playing it.
In Udukku kotti pattu, one has to play the 'Udukku' rhythmic to the song he is singing. Though not a work-demanding task, it ofcourse need the talent and skill to do two deeds at the same time- one, playing Udukku, and two, singing along with it.
The man above, plays udukku, and seems to know this art from a long time ago. He is happy and pleased to play it for us, whenever he visits our home. Though we dont know who he is or where he is from or when he'll come, still, we welcomes him every time he visits us. Playing it for us, and giving something to him makes him and us happy at the same time.He then prooceds his journey, probably to another home where he gets a good welcome, or to somewhere else. it seems, he's a kind of vagabond who find pleasure in his "udukku".





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