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Uploaded on Dec 21, 2008 My Website:http://kylelandry.com1)The Black Pearl (00:01) 2)The Blood Ritual and Moonlight Serenade (01:30) 3)He's a Pirate (02:58) 4)Davy Jones (04:42) 5)Up is Down (05:51) 6)One Day (06:57) 7)Drink Up Me Hearties (go to part part 2) First of all, to be clear, there are no sheets that follow what I am playing. That would require the help of a transcriber. If you would like to transcribe this for everyone, be my guest! This is my take on Pirates of the Caribbean. When I make a video such as this, I print out a regular sheet of music found on the internet, and then I improvise on it. This is a skill that takes a long time to learn and develop, and it is best understood if you take piano lessons. Remember, there is nothing better than a live 1 on 1 piano lesson. Story behind this video project:My sister Jessica had the final say on which pieces I would play, as well as the order. However, despite my sister's bossiness (JK haha), I believe she did a nice job! She also stayed with me during the entire video making AND editing process which was over six hours in total! This was SO much work, and I'm glad it is finally finished... it was truly spontaneous. I did not wake up this morning knowing I was going to make a fifteen minute long pirates medley! (I just wish it could be all one video grr) So there is one thing I must mention. My piano couldn't hold the entire medley, as well as youtube, so I had to make this video into two parts, so at about 9 minutes, you will have to click on the second video!listen, practice, learn, perform, Kyle Landry Category Music License Standard YouTube License


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