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Published on Sep 13, 2013 To watch all phonics songs, click here It's a phonics song 3 with a picture for each letter and the letter sound- phonics song - abc alphabets to help children learn the letter sounds in the English alphabet. Lyrics:A for AppleB for BallC for CatD for DollThis is the Phonic's songSo come and sing-a-longE for ElephantF for FanG for GrassH for HandThis is the Phonic's songSo come and sing-a-longI for IglooJ for Jet K for KangarooL for LegThis is the Phonic's songSo come and sing-a-longM for MatN for NetO for OrangeP for PetThis is the Phonic's songSo come and sing-a-longQ for QueenR for RoadS for SunT for ToadThis is the Phonic's songSo come and sing-a-longU for UmbrellaV for ViolinW for WatchX for XylophoneY for YellowZ for ZebraThis is the Phonic's songNow its your turn to sing-a-longDownload Hooplakidz Songs on iTunes: a Hooplakidz Fan on Facebook: Category Learning & Education Produced by: YoBoHo New Media Pvt. Ltd. License Standard YouTube License


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