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Born: March 24, 1775
Birth Place: Tiruvarur, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
Genres: carnatic music

Muthuswami Dikshitar was a South Indian poet and composer and is one of the musical trinity of carnatic music. His compositions, of which around 500 are commonly known, are noted for their elaborate and poetic descriptions of Hindu gods and temples and for capturing the essence of the raga forms through the vainika style that emphasises gamakas.

Muthuswami Dikshitar was brought under the guidance of his father’s guru, Chidambaram Yogi in Varanasi at the age of 24. Here he learnt Sanskrit literature, philosophy, grammar, Tantric Yoga and music in Dhrupad style for six years. The themes of Sanskrit Literature, Yoga, Purana, Veda, Jyotisha, Mantra and the similar concepts ruminate his musical composition.


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