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Published on Nov 8, 2013 Watch Hoopla Christmas Carols - Saw Three Ships (Come Sailing In) is a traditional and popular Christmas carol from England. The reference to three ships is thought to originate in the three ships that bore the purported relics of the Biblical magi to Cologne Cathedral in the 12th century. Enjoy this Christmas carol from HooplaKidz. Children will have so much fun singing this Christmas song. Here are the lyrics for I Saw Three Ships for you to sing along with your toddler.Lyrics:------------------------------I saw three ships come sailing by, Come sailing by, come sailing by,I saw three ships come sailing by,On Christmas Day, in the morningAnd what do you think was in them, thenWas in them, then? Was in them, then?What do you think was in them then,On Christmas Day in the morning?Three pretty gifts were in them then,Were in them, Were in them,Three pretty gifts were in them then,On Christmas Day in the morning.And one could whistle,And one could ring,And a tune to play on a violin, Such a joy were all of them, On the Christmas Day in the morning!Then let us all rejoice again rejoice again, rejoice again Then let us all rejoice again On the Christmas Day in the morning! (x3)Hope you enjoyed this Christmas carol on Hoopla Kidz. For more preschool & phonics songs, rhymes and poems click to the Hooplakidz Childrens Youtube Channel Hooplakidz Songs on iTunes: a Hooplakidz Fan on Facebook: Category Learning & Education Animation Directed by: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" santa claus nursery rhymes "jingle bells" "Deck the Halls" "12 Days of Christmas" baby babies kindergarten toddler sing song animation poetry children school cartoon kids Produced by: YoBoHO New Media Pvt. Ltd. Written by: Anuradha Javeri License Standard YouTube License


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