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Published on May 13, 2013 VISAKHA MUSIC & DANCE ACADEMY (VISAKHAPATNAM) & SEETHA RAMAIAH SANGEETHA SEVA TRUST (Regn.No. 73/2010)Presents carnatic Classical (Vocal) By Smt Sasirani M & Smt Jayalakshmi V(Violin: Vidwan Sri G Annaji Rao, Mridangam: Sri ASR Koundinya) Visakhapatnam& Hindustani Classical (Instrumental) ByPandit Subrata De (Sitar) (New Delhi), Pandit Saibal Chatterjee (Tabla) (Kolkata),V Seetha Ramaiah (Keyboard), Visakhapatnam. Compere : Sri P Rajendra PrasadVenue : Sri Kalabharati Auditorium, Visakhapatnam. Date: 16-06-2013 (Sunday), At Sharp 06-00 PM.1. Pandit Subraa De (Sitar)(New Delhi):- The eminent and renowned Sitar Maestro ofVishnupur Gharaana. Initiated into learning Sitar at the age of 7 and imbibed the ele-ments of Sitar from Shri Amarjeet Singh of Jamshedpur, Suramani Bauri Bandhu Sethi of Bhubaneshwar, from then on, it was a steady climb to the top under the guidance and learning from Sitar Maestro Pandit Manilal Nag (Kolkata) of Vishnupur Gharana in Dhrupad and Gayaki (Vadan Style), Taankari, Alaapan, Gatkari etc., of Vishnupur Gharana. Performed in many countries. A humble personality who thinks he is tinier than a drop in the ocean of music. Pandit Subrata De's style retains the depth, resonance and sensitivity of Sur in Alaap and Jhaala. 2. Pandit Saibal Chatterjee (Tabla) (Kolkata):- An outstanding exponent of Tabla, is adisciple of his father Sri Samir Kumar Chatterjee and Tabla Wizard Pandit Jnan PrakashGhosh. A Science graduate, Sangeet Visharad and recipient of National Scholarship from Govt.of India, a graded regular Artiste of AIR & TV, a solo-performer who accompanied most of the top ranking classical vocalists, instrumentalists and dancers of India. Performed in many countries. Artists may it be vocal or instrumental supported by his accompaniment, acknowledge the direct or indirect influence of his work on their best presentation, elevating the status and respect of the Concert. 3. Smt. Sasirani M (Visakhapatnam):- A senior carnatic Classical Vocal exponent, initially learnt from Smt Darbha Vijayalakshmi, K Veerabhadra Rao, Edidha Kondala Rao, K Prakasha Rao, further from Sri Ivatoori Vijayeswar Rao from Visakhapatnam. Obtained Diploma in carnatic Classical Music in 1988 and graded Artiste of AIR & TV in Classical, light & Devotional music. Rendered Classical (Vocal) concerts on various stages. A sincere, simple, humble personality ideal to be an example to others.4. Smt. Jayalakshmi V (Visakhapatnam):- A sincere, committed, meritorious artiste, imbibed into learning carnatic Classical Music (Vocal) from Sri G Annaji Rao, Violin Vidvaan, Visakhapatnam. A graded artiste of AIR & TV for light and devotional music. An artiste with will to work-hard with the aid of her discipline, devotion, dedication and enthusiastic to travel upwards in the arena of carnatic Classical Music (Vocal).5. V Seetha Ramaiah (Keyboard Artiste):-I could not learn Classical Music through Guru-Shishya-Parampara due to my 18 years of military service (served in Air Force)from 1971 to 1989, my total occupation as Inspector/Superintendent of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax from 1992 to 2012 thereafter further occupation as an Advocate covering these areas on requisition from respectable Companies. But I have been fortunate that as an youngster under 18, not only for the musical merits poured into me by the Almighty through my parents but also for the exposure to listening to the lead Instrumentalists of the Golden Era of the Telugu Filmdom who were natives of my native place Kovvur, West Godavari District, who used to present vocal and instrumental music at the private gatherings of my father who was a renowned multi-faceted artiste by himself and the Bhajans rendered by him during my childhood, were collected and uploaded in Thereafter, I have been improving my levels by critical and meticulous listening to the master-works of the legends of Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal & Instrumental). Though I had no Master it does not mean that I were not a disciple. Ustad Bismilla Khan Sahab is my inspiration. Every sound I hear is my GURU. I am Ekalavya Shishya to all legends whose works fascinated me. Please don't count me as a classical maestro. I am only an amateur and out of my passion for classical music, I try to present Hindustani Classical Music at my best through self-learning. Pandit Subrata De, the Sitar Maestro, stepped down to my level and took me upwards by holding my hand and it is nothing but for they loved me for my soulful approach to the music with feel of sincerity, seriousness, sanctity for good music.Thankful to Visakha Music & Dance Academy, Visakhapatnam, for their great support making this Concert possible. Yours sincerely, V. Seetha Ramaiah , Cell: +91 99 08 22 84 26 Category Music License Standard YouTube License


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