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Bansuri is one of the oldest known musical instruments in the world. In Indian mythology and culture the bamboo flute, also known as the bansuri has a special significance as it is the chosen instrument of the Lord Krishna, who is often depicted playing it.
Bansuri literally means “bamboo musical note” from the Sanskrit “bans” (bamboo) and “swar” (musical note). Bansuri is very simple in its visibility yet producing a note ‘musical’ is very intricate. It takes years of dedication n persistence to achieve.
The bansuri is considered to be divine and is intimately linked to lord Krishna and Radha. It is believed that when lord krishna played his flute, the beautiful sound had a spellbinding and enthralling effect not only on men n women but also on all life forms.
Playing raga in flute is an amazing experiece in itself. The tone of flute is already sweet in its nature, if we play ragas of the Indian classical music, which are ‘essence of the mood’, Both combined gives us an experience which should be experienced!
Yet, sometimes playing a single note of flute may give satisfaction.
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