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Published on Sep 20, 2013 Our popular color song for children, "If You're Wearing Colors" from our award-winning CD, Get Funky and Musical Fun.Get Funky and Musical Fun CD Download: Funky and Musical Fun CD: Children will learn to recognize colors with this play along activity song that makes learning fun. Thanks so much for watching our music videos for children. If you have a favorite, please like, comment and share. "Like" us on Facebook and participate in FREE giveaways galore!: The Learning Station: our store! CD's, CD Downloads, DVD's, Tee shirts & more: IN TOUCH WITH US Facebook:* FREE STUFF *Sign-up for our FREE newsletter: printable activities: LEARNING STATION is a multi-award-winning children's group. With combined backgrounds and degrees in early childhood education, child development and music, this trio, has achieved international stature as leaders in the children's educational music industry. They presently have a collection of 30 award-winning audio and video releases and they have published over 350 children's songs that are part of educational curriculums world-wide. They are widely recognized for their international hit song, "Tony Chestnut".To learn more visit: Thanks to:Aaron - Alex - Beth - Brodie - - - - - YouTube guru and Learning Station friendEman - - - - - - - - - - YouTube guru and Learning Station friendMaangchi -

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You're Wearing ColorsFrom the CD, Get Funky and Musical FunBy The Learning Station â„—©Monopoli/The Learning Station LYRICS:If You're Wearing Colors Before starting the song have the children look at the color clothes they are wearing. Form a circle and start the song. Follow the movements for each color.If you're wearing red stand up and shake your head.If you're wearing green stand up and bow to the queen.Chorus: Stand up no matter what color's on you.Now, sit down and clap till we sing what to do.If you're wearing yellow stand up and shake like Jell-O.If you're wearing black stand up and pat your back.ChorusIf you're wearing blue stand up and touch your shoe.If you're wearing brown stand up and spin around.ChorusIf you're wearing gray stand up and holler hey!If you're wearing white stand up and turn to the right.ChorusIf you're wearing tan stand up and wave your hands.If you're wearing purple stand up and turn in a circle.ChorusIf you're wearing pink stand up and wink, wink, wink.If you're wearing peach stand up and reach, reach, reach.Chorus Category Education License Standard YouTube License


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