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Published on Feb 5, 2013 STUDY MUSIC on ITUNES: is the BACKGROUND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC/ RELAXING MUSIC / COFFEE MUSIC PLAYLIST. Depending on what stage of life you are in right now, I have listed a summary of HOW and WHEN this music should be used. This playlist is particularly good if you find yourself in any of the following situations: Background Music Instrumentals for Office work: So, you've graduated from school/college and have now enter the real world. Not exactly as exciting as you would have imagined eh? Get through your 9-5 work day with this playlist. It will increase the productivity and make that busy work on your desk or your to-do list less painful.Relaxing Music for Homework:As you sit down at your desk, you realize you have been assigned 100 PROBLEMS for Math homework! That is just inhumane! How could they?! I mean granted, it's only every other odd number question, but're not a robot! You need to enjoy life! They'll never understand. Don't worry, beat the boredom of mundane task by putting on this playlist. The beats will help you stay focused on this task, and chances are, you'll finish your homework before this playlist ends.Concentration Music for Writing Essays and Reports: This is the last time you will leave 12-page papers or reports to the night before. That's what you said 3 papers ago, but here you are. But for sure, this is the last time. And that's that. Well, time is ticking, and you CANNOT afford to waste any of the 9 remaining hours you have left. Get some coffee, Put this playlist on with headphones, and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER. No more writer's block with this music. You will have this essay done after maybe..oh..8 more repeats of this playlist. Ultimately, this is the music of productivity. It is optimal for any task that requires kinetic learning, practicing, or motor execution. Improve yourself and make yourself more productive by listening to this playlist. 1. Midnight Coffee Rainy Nights, Rainy Days Blue Deja Vu Neptune Illusion Jazzmine Tea Neo Gardens Tesseract Peace in Belize Smoothie Samba Sailing into Abyss Moon Among Trees playlist is particularly good for:-Fighting procrastination-Finishing boring tasks-Decrease anxiety-Increase relaxationBased on the research collected from the feedback of the Study Music Project, the following task should not be executed with this playlist: -If you are trying to memorize something. UNLESS you are falling asleep, and you need to pull an all nighter.-If you are learning something very difficult for the very first time. UNLESS you are falling asleep and you need to pull an all-nighter.-If you are taking a self-assessment/practice exam.-If you are trying to meditate or practice yoga. This is NOT New Age music!If you need playlist for HARDCORE studying cuz you are an over-achieving student, go to any of the following links below: (Play All Study Music) (piano Study Music) (Best Study Music ~ 1 hr long uninterrupted)About Study Music Project: Dennis Kuo: BY HOWIE JU:http://howieju.com Study Music Project is a collection of music productions by Dennis Kuo, for which the sole purpose of the music is to help you focus as you study for school. Instrumentation, melody, and other musical articulations have been well thought-out to enhance concentration. Your comments will make future projects better!Music composition, arrangement, performance, and production by Dennis KuoArtwork by Dennis Kuo Category Music License Standard YouTube License


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