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ChandraMusic Shared By ChandraMusic on 27-Apr-2012 -- 04:30 AM

A Major piano Scale



Learn How To Play The A Major Scale On piano!

Today I'm going to teach you the A Major scale. I'll start by teaching you the notes, then I'll teach you the proper fingering for the scale. The notes of the A Major scale start, obviously, on A. After A the scale progresses B, C#, D, E, F# G#, and back to A.

The fingering for the scale starts with the thumb of your right hand on the A. You are going to hit the B with your second finger (you'll remember from a past lesson that the second finger is your index finger), the C# with your third finger, then bring your thumb under to hit the D. Follow the rest of the scale out one finger after the other, ending with the little finger on A. To come back do the opposite. When you get to the D bring your thumb under to hit it, then bring your third finger back onto the C# and finish the opposite of how you started.


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