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Looking to learn Piano from home? Wegotguru is one of the best online piano classes for California. We are here to teach you the best of Piano. We help you to learn all the techniques to be an expert in piano without disturbing your daily routine.

We have handful piano experts with us. They teach you every vital modes of piano. You will be in a position to play the song you like. You get to learn various piano theories, scales, solos. Besides that you will be able to compose your own music in extempore.

We have been in the Industry since a while from an offline school to online music learning platform. We look for your hidden talent in you to improvise and show it to the world. Besides Wegotguru is a wide range of community for those who are piano experts. We provide you the platform to spread your knowledge world-wide. Connect to thousands of piano aspirants. Our platform is for everyone. Our wide community provides every level of piano lessons on the internet. For instance, we provide online piano lessons for beginners, intermediate, kids and adults.

Online Piano and Keyboard Classes for Beginners:

If you are a beginner and want to see you as a piano expert, here is a great opportunity for you. In our online piano courses you will learn how to play piano such as command over the piano keys with quick and effective manner. The learning process is customized based on students. Our experts will focus on the following methodologies:

• The notes of white and black keys
• 2+3 black keys pattern, scales on piano,
• half and whole steps,
• keyboard layouts,
• ledger lines,
• sharps and flats,
• notes reading,
• middle C on keyboard,
• piano chords,
• Treble and Bass Clef and much more.

Playing a piano is fun and you can learn with ease in the short time. You can play it everywhere be it friends’ party, Family dinner etc.

Tip: Never miss a class & practice, you will get the perfection in Piano.