In a nutshell:

-Gurus (Experts/Teachers) Register for free
-Gurus can Login and Update Class details and Expertise
-Gurus can add Blogs and Video links from YouTube on WeGotGuru
-Gurus Regularly update Video and Blog contents
-Students Register for free
-Students Login and update details and Interests
-Students Search for Gurus
-Student Identify Gurus based on Profile info, Blogs/Videos and Reviews
-Once a Guru is selected, Students contact Guru (Messaging/Chat)
-Gurus and Students Schedule Classes 
-Students make payment directly to WeGotGuru online (Paypal/Credit card)
-Guru and Student have their class or consulting session
-If student is not satisfied WeGotGuru returns money (within first 10 days of the first class)
-If Student is satisfied after first class Schedule more classes
-WeGotGuru takes 12.5% commission and pays Guru the rest of the Charges
-Students can give a 'Review' and 'Introduce Guru' to friends


WeGotGuru is at its heart, a platform for 'Experts' to announce their experience, degrees, commendations etc and most importantly host various types of media which can show-case their expertise. They can also add their contact details, but WeGotGuru does not publish these on the web because of company policy and privacy concerns. Prospective students from anywhere in the world, may also register with their details. One thing that is useful for students to add is their 'Interests'. Based on these 'Interests' WeGotGuru recommends a few teachers for the students. Hence, WeGotGuru enables business between an Expert and a Client anywhere in the world, by providing the Marketing and Business support involved.

All current features of WeGotGuru are free for Experts and Clients. The only payment that is applied is when a class is paid for. WeGotGuru takes a percentage of commission on the charge of the class. Currently the commission rate set is 12.5%.


The following is the general sequence of events for using WeGotGuru:

-Register as an Expert or Client on

-Update your profile with information about you.

-Add any number of Expertise (for Experts) or Interests (for Clients).

-Add Video demo snippets, blogs and any content that helps you get visibility of potential clients.

-Enable discussions around your Videos and Blogs to connect with potential Clients.

-Make interesting content so that they get shared over Social Media using our Share buttons.

-Invite other Experts or Clients to join and give you a 'Public Review'.

-Clients initiate a session. So they need to find Experts who they want to work with. Engage with an Expert of choice through the Message tool or Chat tool (if Expert is online) Once you agree to schedule a certain number of classes the Expert can send an Invoice to the Client.  The Client can also initiate a purchase through the Experts profile page. The session can be a 'Question and Answer' session over Email or the Chat tool. Or it could be a proper Video chat based class.  Video classes are NOT supported on the website currently and need to be conducted over Skype, ooVoo or etc. Once the class is over the Expert can request a 'Paid customer Review' for the class from the Client.

-The Client, if happy with the class could 'like' the Expert profile on various Social Media sites they use, so as to spread the word.


As explained in the process above the students can look at the listing for Experts (Teachers) in different areas. They can look at the backgrounds of these Experts and and what all they have published on the web site (Videos, Demo classes, Material, Blogs, Notes etc). We will also provide a way for the teachers to ask for recommendation from paying students as well as the general public. These will show up as different Review sections.


WeGotGuru is structured as an 'open market platform'. This essentially means every Expert can exercise their own style of teaching, charge the rates they feel is appropriate for them, plan on choosing their own timing availability or what they want to publish on the web site or work with students anywhere in the world etc. WeGotGuru does not impose any restriction on these decisions. Our belief is that with the 'Review system' that we have, there will be a 'Free market' balance that sets in with time. The Experts can try different approaches to announce their presence and market themselves online. Some approaches by Experts will get successful right away while other approaches may need to fine-tuning to make it more successful. Teaching over the Internet with Social Media marketing is a new, evolving area. So everyone will take their time to feel comfortable over this medium. But what is for certain, is that this approach of 'getting found' over the Internet using Social media is going to stay. The market share for this approach is growing fast and will be the clear direction as time goes by. So the earlier we get used to this the better.

Once the Client (student) finds out an Expert (teacher) they feel comfortable with, the Client can initiate contact using the 'Message box' within the WeGotGuru platform or use the Chat tool provided to contact the Expert, if they are online. The Expert can send an 'Invoice' to the teacher for the negotiated rate and number of classes which the Client pays for. The Client can go ahead and 'Purchase' one or more sessions as decided by paying for those online. The payment is held by WeGotGuru till the class is conducted. Upon successful completion of the class, WeGotGuru will pay the Expert for the class. WeGotGuru will take 15 percent of the commission as the charges for the company. For the first year we plan to reduce the commission as a joining drive (more on this soon). If the Client is not satisfied with the class they can request a refund of the payment within 5 business days of the class and the money will be reimbursed to them. Typically the payment could be done over Paypal or Credit cards. The money transferred to the teacher could be also over Paypal or Credit cards. But we are also looking at options of Bank transfer as well. 

Even though WeGotGuru provides a Message and Chat tool. These can be used for 'Consulting sessions' and early interactions. Not for proper classes. The actual class needs to be conducted over Skype, ooVoo, etc. WeGotGuru does not yet support Video chat onsite. So once the class is scheduled the class is conducted on a Video chat tool and further classes and payments can be scheduled on the WeGotGuru website.



The process is reasonably simple. But we believe the power of this approach lies in our underlying 'Knowledge-driven Marketing' philosophy. Good content gets recognized and shared and appreciated far and wide on the Internet today, powered by Social Media. Good content could be a video snippet of a class, a short concert piece, an article on a new concept, a blog which embeds a video and some pictures or any combination of the above. If you take time to publish interesting, exciting and thought provoking content, more people will view your profile and share with others. This enables your profile to be found easier on Google or other searches by potential clients. Also with happy Clients, 'the word of mouth' recommendations can get you a big list of followers which no other marketing  campaign can match!

We at WeGotGuru are convinced this is the way things are headed in the future. We are excited to have the chance to work with amazing people in this endeavor!

Share Your Expertise
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